…and we’re off…

I am glad to have the opportunity to force myself to get going with my blogging and to share my thoughts and ideas with the online community.

I am currently taking a much needed break from standing over my 11th graders as they plow through the NYS English Language Arts Regents Exam and sweating it out hoping they remember to include thier literary elements and back up their claims with evidence…ugh!…love them…but toally ready to move on to my own learning for a few weeks…away from state mandates and on to personal fulfillment!

SO…if there is anyone out there reading this, here are some reflections about what is important to me about my own learning and why I continue to attempt to master the wave of “best practices” in the modern era in a low income district…dispite sometimes feeling like I am being slammed in the face by the oncoming waves…

I get back up again because…

1. even though it is challenging, I think the most important aspect of lifelong learning is to accept responsibility for one’s own learning.  The problem is mainly that I love to hike, and garden, and sit around outside and do all sorts of other wonderful things that are so productive to my soul…but are really pretty indirectly related to my becoming a better teacher…

Finding the time to allocate to wonderful projects such as this, and the Hudson Valley Writing project, etc. is a constant struggle for me…althoug I must say…here I am!

…so I must be doing something right…

2. the easiest habit for me is to view problems as challenges…this is a no brainer for the girl who sees everything as a challenge and loves it!  (does my husband love it? …not so much…)

3. certainly I think the most important habit is also taking responsibility for one’s own learning…once you do that…you’re half-way through the battle!!!

2 thoughts on “…and we’re off…

  1. I’m totally with you Christine! Life long learning keeps me young and focused. Reminds me, I need to pick up my guitar.

    I will be in touch to get you reconnected to the eAnthology. How’s your TIW coming? Any interest in a dinner at my Cheesecake?

  2. Hi Christine!

    I love that you love to hike, and garden, and do other things indirectly related to being a teacher…however, I’m convinced that doing those things probably makes you a BETTER teacher! To me, being a lifelong learner means you have interests and passion both in and outside of the classroom, and that that enthusiasm inspires your students to also live balanced and healthy lives.

    So….keep hiking and gardening, and share those lessons with your students. They’ll appreciate you for it! 🙂

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