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okay…so it is 8 am and I just attended a session from last years K-12 online conference, online, which was awesome! I can’t wait until I have some more free time, so I can go back and view more conference sessions (which will most likely be in October for the 2010 conference!)…psyched!

I viewed Cindi Danner-Kuhn’s session on teacher websites.  Ms. Danner-Kuhn teaches preservice teachers at Kansas State University College of Education and it was refreshing (coming from a district where teacher webpages a actually frowned upon) to hear her call to action that EVERY teacher should create and maintain a teacher webpage.  She claims (and I believe her) that creating classroom webpages will, in the very short long run, actually help teachers gain more teaching time in their days.

She explains how having resources, connections and access allow for more productive communications between teachers, parents and students and gives a brief overview of some of the website generators out there including:

i web




google sites

and (for the more advanced) Kompozer

She shows examples of effective classroom websites created from each source and gives pointers on how to keep them manageable and navigable.  It was definitely a very beneficial 20 minutes for me…you can check it out here if you’d like:

k12 online conference

have fun!

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