A Tale of Two Tubes: TeacherTube and YouTube in the classroom (thing 19)

I guess it depends on what your school allows you to access, but it would be amazing if my district would actually allow me to make educated decisions about what I can and cannot access for my students…

that being said, there are a ton of cool things out there that can be useful…

Real English

Mike Marzio is the founder of this project, and it’s an interesting, unique, and valuable resource to use both in and out of the classroom. The range of speakers will expose students to varieties of English. The intelligent editing makes the authentic speech comprehensible to learners. Quizzes on the actual Real English site are categorized by grammar level.

A Student’s Grammar of the English Language Greenbaum and Quirk

An oldie but goodie. I love the copy a colleague passed on to me. I use often use it to solve tricky grammar questions. At times there’s probably more information than students actually need to know, but it helps sort everything in a teacher’s mind.

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